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Tattoo Ink Nano Pigment Milkly Colors For Semi Permanent

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Color: 7 Lip colors

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Tattoo ink is the pigment used by tattoo artists to create
permanent designs on the skin. It typically consists of a
suspension of colored particles in a carrier solution, which
is inserted into the dermis layer of the skin using a tattoo
machine. Tattoo inks come in a wide range of colors, from
traditional blacks and blues to vibrant hues like reds, yellows,
and greens. They are formulated to be safe for use on human skin,
with many reputable brands undergoing rigorous testing to ensure
quality and compliance with health standards.




Packing:3ml/bottle,1 bottle in one package.

You can remark the color as you want.
There are 25 colors can be choosen.
Eyebrow/ Eyeline:800 810 811 812 817 818 819 821 822 824 831 836
Auxiliary:815 816 881 882 880 T90
Lips:852 853 854 856 858 861 865
The eyebrow tattoo eyeliner set contains 12 bottles, the lip tattoo set contains 7 bottles, the auxiliary set contains 6 bottles, the full series set contains 25 bottles, and 10 bottles can be matched freely to contact the customer service to arrange registration.


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