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Seamless square Straps

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Color: Khaki

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Seamless square straps refer to a specific style of shoulder
straps commonly found on tops, dresses, or lingerie. These
straps are designed with a squared shape, creating a clean
and modern aesthetic. Unlike traditional rounded straps,
seamless square straps have distinct corners that give them
a sleek and structured appearance.

The "seamless" aspect means that these straps are typically
constructed without visible stitching or seams along the edges.
This design detail contributes to a smooth and polished look,
enhancing the overall appeal of the garment.

Seamless square straps can vary in width, with some being
thin and delicate, while others are broader for added support
and visual impact. They are often made from materials like satin,
silk, or elasticized fabric, depending on the desired style and
function of the garment.




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