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Phoenix Nails Manicure Set

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Color: NO Nail Drill Kit1

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Nail Clippers: High-quality stainless steel clippers for trimming nails to desired length and shape.
Nail File: A durable nail file for smoothing and shaping nails.
Cuticle Pusher/Remover: Tools for gently pushing back cuticles and removing excess skin around the nails.
Nail Buffer: Buffing blocks or buffers to smooth the nail surface and create a shiny finish.
Tweezers: Precision tweezers for handling small nail art decorations or removing unwanted hairs around the nails.

How to Use Gel Nail Polish:

1.Begin by cleaning your nails and filing and trimming the nail surface.
2.Apply a base coat to your nails and cure with either a UV or LED lamp.
3.Apply the gel polish directly to your nails and cure with either a UV lamp for 2 minutes or an LED lamp for 60 seconds.
4.Apply a second layer of gel polish and cure again with your UV or LED lamp.
5.Finish by applying a top coat to your nails, which will give them a high-shine finish. Cure the top coat with your UV or LED lamp.
6.Remove any tacky residue on your nails with cleanser.
7.Your gel nails are now complete and can last up to 2-3 weeks!

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