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LILYCUTE 15ml Nail Extension Gel Set

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Color: 016

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Buildable Coverage: Allows for layering to create customizable nail extension lengths and thicknesses.

Professional Grade: Formulated for use by both beginner and experienced nail technicians, delivering
salon-quality results.

Cruelty-Free and Vegan: Made with ethical and animal-friendly ingredients, suitable for conscientious consumers.

Easy Removal: Can be easily removed using gentle acetone-based nail polish removers without damaging the natural nail.

Comprehensive Set: Includes essential tools and accessories for complete nail extension applications, such as nail
forms, brushes, and gel cleanser.

how to use:
1. Gently file the nail surface
2. Apply a very thin layerand cure under UV/LED lights.
3. Choose an appropriate shape and size of false nail tips.
4. Apply Nail Gel On the nail mold, use a nail pen and lotion to smooth the gel.
5. Paste it on your real nail and make sure it is completely stuck, then cure under UV/LED light.

Package Included:
Extension Gel Set


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