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Henna Finger Tattoo temporary tattoo sticker

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Henna finger tattoo temporary stickers are a fun and convenient
way to experiment with henna designs without the commitment of a
permanent tattoo. They typically come in various intricate designs
and are applied similarly to regular temporary tattoos. You just
peel off the backing, apply the sticker to your finger, wet the
back with water, and gently peel off the paper to reveal the
design. They're great for special occasions, festivals, or just
adding a bit of flair to your look!



1:Clean the area where you want your tattoo to be placed and let it dry completely.


2:Peel off the tattoo film and place the film face down on the desired area, press lightly to fit against the skin.


3:Use a small watering can or damp towel to completely soak the paper.


4:Gently press and hold the tattoo for 20 seconds, then peel off completely. Depending on your skin, the tattoo will turn dark blue or black within 24 hours!


5:For best results, avoid sweating or showering for 6 hours. Hydrate, moisturize and of course... show off!




How to remove

Tattoos are in the epidermis of the skin, so they cannot be removed immediately;


It will gradually fade according to the skin's metabolism;


Accelerate removal: You can use warm water to wet compress for 15 minutes, then scrub with makeup remover, several times a day, to speed up removal.






1: Tattoos take 24-36 hours to develop


2: When sleeping, it is recommended to wear long sleeves to cover the pattern to avoid transfer printing


3: Excessive sweating before fully developed color can cause color smudges


4: Use as soon as possible for the best results






*Do not use on wounds!


*Not edible


*Do not contact eyes


*Pregnant women and children under the age of 9 are prohibited from using this product


*If you have a history of plant allergy, please do not use it or use it under the guidance of a doctor. If you are not sure about the properties of the skin, first remove a little sticker with scissors and stick it on your wrist and back of the ear for a sensitivity test


*If there is an allergic reaction on the skin after use, please wash the skin with clean water and use some skin ointments, which will quickly calm the skin and relieve allergic symptoms; or consult a doctor in time. Notice! Do not scratch the skin!


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