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BEILI Pink Makeup Brushes High Quality Powder Foundation

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Handle Color: F-5PCS

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When you think of pink, what words would you use to describe it? Cute / lovely / gentle / sweet / romantic / love / In the pink / tickle pink etc. There are many words and feelings that can be expressed in pink. We can think of many wonderful things and memories, for example, the first date with a lover, carefully crafted beautiful makeup, and it was a blessed day :) This sweet sweetness is also the reason why pink attracts us.

Rich material: goat hair, pony hair, synthetic hair, nano fiber
Packing: 1 set with 5pcs-28pcs
Feature: natural, smooth and dense, professional.
Wholesale / Private Logo: Welcome

Achieve a charming pink look with the BEILI Pink Makeup Brush Set. She knows all the words "rose".

1.Big Powder Brush 4.5cm / 18cm
2.Powder 5cm / 18cm
3.Angled base brush 2.7cm / 16cm
(Hair 1/2 / Nano Fiber)
(3 synthetic hair)

4.Face paint 2cm / 15.4cm
5.Stippling brush 3.8cm / 17.4cm
6.Cream Base 3cm / 16.4cm
(4 nano fiber hairs)
(5/6 synthetic hair)

7.Round base 3cm / 16.5cm
8.Highlight brush 3.5cm / 16.5cm
9.Blush Brush 3.3cm / 17cm
(7 synthetic hair)
(8/9 hair with nano fiber)

10.Flat Shader 1.5cm / 17.5cm
11.Concealer brush 1.8cm / 17.4cm
12.Mixing brush 1.6cm / 17.7cm
13.Flat function 1.5cm / 17.6cm
14.Fusion Tapered 1.7cm / 17.7cm
15.Eyeshadow Brush 1.8cm / 17.7cm
(10/11 synthetic hair)
(12/13/14/15 goat hair)

16.Mixing cream 1.3cm / 17.3cm
17.Mix detail 0.9cm / 16.9cm
18.Angled shadow 1.3cm / 17.3cm
19.Flat Shader 1.2cm / 17.1cm
Blender 20.Crease 1cm / 17cm
21 Small pencil 0.9 cm / 16.7 cm
(16/17/19/21 goat hair)
(18 pony hair)
(20 synthetic hair)

22. Brow 0.6 cm / 16.7 cm
23 Lip brush 0.8cm / 17cm
24.Detail Corrector 0.8cm / 17cm
25.Brow brush / eyeliner 0.5cm / 17cm
26.Detail eyeliner 0.5cm / 17cm
27.Small lining 0.8cm / 17.3cm
28.Cut the fold 0.5cm / 16.5cm
(22/23/24/25/26/27/28 Synthetic hair)

Steps to clean brushes:

1.Moisten the bristles with clean water. (Below 37 ℃)
2.Apply a drop of makeup brush cleanser
3. Gently massage the tips of the bristles on your palm.
4. Rinse the bristles.
5. Squeeze out excess moisture with a clean towel.
6.Reform and let it dry inside out
7. Avoid touching the water directly with the wooden handle during the entire cleaning.

Classic Synthetic Hair 15 pieces

Vegan & Cruelty-free Hair 15Pcs

Professional 17Pcs Eye Makeup Brushes


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