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6Box/Set Aurora Pearl White Nails Powder

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Color: 6 Boxes Powder 03

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Type: Nail Powder
Color: As the picture shown
Quantity: About 6box/set

Color: The powder produces a stunning pearl white finish with an iridescent effect, resembling the shimmering beauty of the aurora borealis.

Versatility: It can be used to create various nail designs, including full coverage, ombre, French tips, or intricate nail art.

Easy Application:e. The powder is easy to apply over nail polish or gel nails using a sponge applicator or brush, allowing for precise and seamless coverag 

Compatibility: Aurora pearl white nails powder is compatible with both natural and artificial nails, offering flexibility in nail enhancement options.

Long-Lasting: Once applied and sealed properly with a top coat, the pearl white finish is long-lasting and resistant to chipping, ensuring beautiful nails for an extended period.


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