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120pcs XXS Short Almond Full Cover Sculpted Soft Gel Nail Tips

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Color: XXS Almond 120pcs

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Super Short Length: These nail tips are intentionally designed to be short in length, providing a subtle and understated appearance. This length is ideal for individuals who prefer a more natural-looking nail or require shorter nails for practical reasons.

Almond Shape: The nail tips are shaped in an almond shape, characterized by a rounded tip and tapered sides. This shape flatters the natural curvature of the nail bed and fingertips, creating an elegant and feminine look.

Full Cover Design: The nail tips cover the entire natural nail, providing complete coverage and ensuring a seamless transition between the artificial and natural nails. This full cover design helps to create a uniform appearance and enhances the durability of the nails.

Sculpted Soft Gel Material: These nail tips are crafted from soft gel material, which offers flexibility, durability, and a natural feel. The soft gel material conforms to the shape of the natural nail and provides a comfortable fit
without sacrificing strength or longevity.



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