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10/15/100pcs Tattoo Transfer Paper Transfer Stencil Paper

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Color: 10pcs

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This tattoo transfer paper has a total of 4 layers, the first layer of master paper is used for design; the second layer of white protective-tissue is used to protect the master: the third layer of blue carbon page; the fourth layer of yellow backplane.It is very convenient to use, and a good material determines that it can generate very clear and clean copies.


Material: dye and wax paper

Size: 8½" x 11"

Quantity: 10ps 15pcs 100pcs

1,Get ready tattoo transfer paper.

2,Remove the second protective paper,applying your designs on the master sheet.

3,Separate the copy paper and the master paper,designs printed on the reverse side of the master paper.

4,Cut the design according to the size of the pattern.

5,Apply the transfer paste on the skin.

6,Apply the design on the skin.

7,Wait to remove the design.


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